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  For the realizations of its objectives, the Foundation is carrying out   the following activities: 

  • fostering awareness within Armenia of available foreign initiatives aimed at the development of its small and medium size enterprise sector;

  • providing to qualifying enterprises basic guidance and facilities to access relevant aid initiatives;

  • furthering the Armenian small and medium sized business sector access to wide array of specialized quality services relevant to the materialization and viability of successful projects;

  • promoting the foreign investments and supporting foreign investor's Armenia activities;

  • dissemination of information about local and foreign sources of financing;

  • provision of access to foreign business data banks;

  • provision of preliminary expert evaluation of viability and/or financing prospects;

  • provision of financial intermediary services to small and medium sized enterprises otherwise unable to access aid capital directly in certain cases;

  • promotion of the Armenian small and medium business sector to counterpart small and medium size enterprises in the international business arena;

  • contribute to the development of professional accreditation sector and of rules of professional conducts to apply to specialized disciplines relevant to the conduct of business in general;

  • management consulting;

  • management training;

  • market survey and competitive intelligence;

  • investment climate analyses;

  • sociological research and survey.




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