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Since January 2007 the FSMB has initiated dissemination of information on changes of Economic area's Laws and Regulations by e-mail. For your recommendations or suggestions on this initiative please contact us via


The advocacy initiative oriented at creating conditions favorable to SMEs through policy development on international, national and local levels with the input from the business community itself fully fits with Foundation’s strategic agenda and activities, affording FSMB an opportunity to set up for SME community strategic goals aimed at consolidation of efforts geared towards formulation of clear strategy for sector development.
New, more imaginative advocacy strategies serve to capture the attention of policy allies, persuade decision makers, and win public support to follow up the legislative reform. It should be adopted a new complementary strategy taking into account its previous experience - failures and successes, achievements and lessons learned, utilizing the results of the work done before, consolidation of efforts of partner network organizations, newly members, parliamentary experts, partners.
International Level

Involvement of Armenia into The OECD Bologna Process”: Armenia has not yet involved in "The (OECD) Bologna Process" - one of the most successful international initiatives, launched in June 2000, at the OECD organized ministerial-level international conference on SMEs in Bologna (Italy) on enhancing SME development strategies and policies in the global economy.

The Bologna Process is a mechanism to foster the entrepreneurial agenda and SME policy development at the global level which has brought together over 70 countries at present, while Armenia has appeared out of such progressive international cooperation framework aimed to help governments facilitate entrepreneurs and SMEs worldwide in meeting the challenges and reaping the benefits of globalization.

National Level

In order to provide greater participation of private sector in the creation of public policy, FSMB has adopted a strategic team-oriented approach allowing the quick creation of an ad-hoc Coalition aimed at tackling the exigencies of the chaotic legislative process. FSMB will facilitate the establishment of a Coalition of 5-6 organizations within the Business Advocacy Network which will become an advocacy hardcore on behalf of business community and will support the active private sector representation in public policy debate.

Local Level

Based on successful collaboration results with the local governments FSMB continues the implementation of local SME support program. At local or community level, it is intended to influence on Local Governance Bodies to push forward regulatory and administrative simplification for SME development.


  23 June, 2009 
Round Table Discussion in Yerevan: Last developments in customs system

  02 May, 2009 
Round Table Discussion in Dilijan: SME policy reform: The current situation

  19 May, 2009 
Round Table Discussion: SME policy reform and State support programs

  17 April, 2009 
Round Table Discussion: Tax Reforms Influence on SME Sector

  3 April, 2009 
Round Table Discussion: World Economic Crisis and SME Sector Problems in Armenia

  24-26 April, 2009 
Training Program for Business Associations in Yerevan

  25-27 September, 2008 
IPEN Conference 2008 in Yerevan: Ensuring Effective Performance Through Evaluation

  23 May, 2008 
Applied Policy Seminar in Moscow

  24 October, 2007 
Meeting in Artik Municipality

  26-28 September, 2007 
IPEN: International Conference on 'Reforms and Program and Policy Evaluation' in Moscow

 12-15 September, 2007 
II Italian Forum for Women Entrepreneurs

  06-07 July, 2007 
FSMB Team building Workshop in Tsakhkadzor.

  27-30 June, 2007 
Round-table meetings in Kapan, Yerevan and Dilijan with local business community representatives: Newly Elected National Assembly and SME sector expectations.
  08 December, 2006 
Round-table meeting in Charentsavan, Kotayk region to present the SME Development Concept and draft on Changes in Law on State Support to SME in Armenia and reveal opinion of the local business community representatives.
  12 October, 2006 
Participation to the Lori Prod Expo trade-exhibition organized by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vanadzor, Business Center and Ruz-Dan Ltd. Meeting with local business sector; discussions on SME Development Concept and draft on Changes in Law on State Support to SME in Armenia prepared by FSMB.
  22 September, 2006 
Round-table meeting in Gavar, Gegharkunik region to present the SME Development Concept and draft on Changes in Law on State Support to SME in Armenia and reveal opinion of the local business community representatives.
 01 August, 2006 
Meeting with deputy minister of Justice Mr. Ashot Abovyan to discuss the controversial draft law on lobbying.
March-May, 2006 
Meetings with potential constituencies and signing of the Collaboration Agreement between FSMB and Constituencies for Regional Business Advocacy Network establishment.
July-December, 2005 
Meetings with representatives of the local business communities in Shirak, Lori, Gegharkunik, Kotayk and Vayots Dzor marzes to discuss the questionnaire content and arrange survey.
13-15 July, 2005 
Institutional and Advocacy assessment.


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