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Foundation for Small and Medium Businesses (FSMB) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, founded in November 1998.

The main goals of the Foundation are to enhance the formation and growth of small and medium sized business sector in Armenia by developing and sponsoring high-qualified assistance to small and medium businesses, helping business organizations to share resources, knowledge and experience and to encourage them in developing cooperation and partnership. The main activity of the organization is aimed to improving the business environment in Armenia, creating favorable investment climate and civilized legislative field, enhancing the development of small and medium size business sector in Armenia. 

The Foundation helps small and medium sized entrepreneurs to form new strategic alliances and gain a wide perspective on conditions in all fields of endeavors. FSMB is committed to working with and helping other organizations and institutions that provide facilities, consulting, training and education in business management. FSMB is desirous to foster a vibrant entrepreneurial culture and to support the creation of stable business and investment environment in Armenia. At the same time FSMB is also focusing on the internationalization of small and medium enterprises. In this regard, the Foundation works in concert with different organizations in Armenia and around the world. FSMB is one of the founding members of the established in 2001 National Anti-Corruption Coalition of Non-Governmental Organizations and actively participates in its collective actions. FSMB actively collaborates with BARENZ GROUP on improvement of taxation system of Armenia and is responsible for representation of viewpoint of NGOs.

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