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"State Support to SME's"

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Don't Oppress Small Businesses
18 September-2009, In Russian
“Respublica Armenia”

Cash register: Panacea or
17 September-2008, In Russian
“Respublica Armenia”

Whom the small producers had impeded?

27 July-2007, In Russian
“Delovoy Express”

Simplified Tax: Pro and Con

14 July-2006, In Russian
“Respublica Armenia"

“Parliamentary Elections: Business
and its expectations” 
9 May-2007, In Russian
“Respublica Armenia”

Bribery at the expense of Government

02 June-2006, In Russian
“Delovoy Express"

The syndrome of "protection"

21 June-2006, In Russian
“Respublica Armenia

“Legislative field improvements”

21 November-2005, In Armenian
“Financial newspaper”

“Hurdle race”

11 November - 2005, In Russian
“Respublica Armenia”

The refugee-women in business

25 July-2003, In Russian
“Delovoy Express"

Small business still needs support
6-7 May-2003, In Armenian

Who should support the start-up businesses
or what business begins from?
12 April-2003, In Russian
“Delovoy Express"

Tax exemption for start-ups
05 April-2003, In Russian
“Golos Armenii"

In favour of small business

1(6).2003, In Armenian

The big problems of small businesses

17 December-2002, In Armenian

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Dounload Tax Reforms in SME Sector:
The business community views

December 2009,  In Armenian
Dounload Presidental Elections 2008: Private Sector Expectations
January 2008,  In Armenian
Dounload SME Sector Participation to Parliamentary Elections: Assessment and Expectations
April 2007,  In Armenian
Dounload Combating Corruption: SME Sector Perception and Solutions
May 2006,  In English
Appeal-address to  the President, National Assembly, Government, NGOs and Mass Media of RA July 2003, In Armenian
The text of proposed changes and amendments to law on profit tax. July 2003, In Armenian

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FSMB Annual Report for 2004 June 2005, In Armenian
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