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 Advocating for effective implementation of Risk-based Inspection Policy in SME sector (2013)

 Promoting Anti-Corruption policies in SME Taxation (2012)

 Promoting Increased and Better Informed Citizens Participation in Parliamentary
   Elections (2012)

 Mobilizing Grassroots for Support and Monitoring of Inspection Reform (2011)

 Fostering Armenia’s Integration into Bologna Process (2011)

 Assessment of Tax Reforms in SME Sector (2009)

 SME Policy Advocacy Initiative (2005-2009)

 Mobilizing Private Sector Capacity for Democratic Presidential Elections(2007-2008)

  SME Sector Capacity Building for Democratic Election (2007)

 Measuring and Encouraging the Ability of Armenian SMEs to Resist Corruption (2005)

 Three Steps of Refugee Women to Business Community (2003)

 Improvement of Taxation System for Small Businesses in Armenia (2002)

Logistical Infrastructure for the Economical Development of South Caucasus (2001)

Site Map | Related Links | Contact Us